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Salman G. Samar


I’ve always been a computer geek that loved taking photos as a kid. But my professional creative journey started while I was studying for my MSc in System Sciences at the University of Ottawa.

I started working with companies like Doordash, Uber, and Skip the Dishes in 2018 as a photographer. From there I did a bunch of creative work with multiple brands and companies. I even got to collaborate on a project with Google!

Although I love photography, I didn’t feel quite satisfied as a creative so I started exploring other creative outlets. I was creating my portfolio website with a pretty basic website builder tool in 2020 when I stumbled upon Webflow and I immediately knew this is what I like to be doing!
With a plethora of resources online, I learned it pretty fast. Of course, my background from school helped my a lot as well (I studied Computer Engineering for 2 years).

These days, I use all my creative and technical abilities working with brands from across the world while focusing more on local businesses in Ottawa (where I live). I offer photography, designs, website design & development, Google ads, marketing, and more. My local clients love this as they only have to deal with one person for all their digital needs.

Feel free to browse around my website, there’s a bunch to discover! I’m always looking for new opportunities, so if you like what you see here, drop into the contact me page or hit me up on my socials.

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